RoboCup Junior Soccer

The 2017 rules are available below

Students are required to design and program two robots to compete against an opposing pair of robots by kicking an infra-red transmitting ball into their designated goal. Teams have a choice of using two attacking robots or an attacker teamed with a goalie. The field is the size of a table tennis table. The field is white, shades of green and black to allow for navigation through the use of light sensors. Due to its ease of introduction to the uninitiated, most students choose to use LEGO Mindstorms to build and program their robots. Although the LEGO Mindstorms set can continue to be very competitive while being modified to high degree of complexity, other students select alternative platforms and even build their own microprocessor robots from basic electronic components. A range of sensors can been attached to all of the robotic platforms. These include: electronic compasses, sonar, modified light sensors and motor rotation sensors.



  • Standard League (LEGO only robots up to 1kg) Qualifying league for WRO GEN II Football. Played on green, international rules style field. See RCJA Rules for specifications.
  • Lightweight League (Not more than 1.1 Kg). Played on green, international rules style field. See RCJA Rules for specifications.
  • Open League (Robots up to 2.5kg) Played on green, international rules style field. See RCJA Rules for specifications.

     Please Note: Open League and Lightweight league may be combined at state level if entries are not sufficient.

Simple Simon League

Want to get into RCJ Soccer and don't know where to start? If sufficient interest is shown, states will run a Simple Simon League. This is a cheap introductory league with modified rules. No compass sensors are allowed in this league. Simple Simon Kits are available from Modern Teaching Aids.  For more details, go to the Soccer Training Page

World Robot Olympiad(WRO)

Four GENII League fnalists will be offered the opportunity to represent Australia in WRO GEN II Football at WRO the following year in November. This is a great event with with participants coming from over 30 different countries. After paying a nominal entry fee, all accommodation and food is covered. Successful teams will need to raise funds to pay for flights.

Field Construction

In 2017, the fields used for Standard League, Lightweight League and Open League were standardised.  At current, there are no pre-constructed fields available.  Typically, competitions will use fields constructed with green marine carpet with 50mm white cloth tape used for the white boundary lines.

Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 

For questions about the rules or soccer challenge in general, please contact the soccer TC chair (Tristan Roberts) at tristan_roberts [at]

Download the Rules: