Past Results

2015 Queensland Championship Winners

Primary Dance
1st: Hype (Brisbane Boys College)
2nd: Robobros (North Lakes state College)
3rd: The Chasers (Brisbane Boys College)
Secondary Dance
1st: 3 Little Pigs (North Lakes State College)
2nd: Unmanned (Redcliffe State High School)
3rd: PDE (Somerville House)
Open Dance
1st: John Board (Private Entry)
2nd: Tail Shakers (McIlwraith State School) 
3rd: Children of Time (Somerville House)
Dance Encouragment AwardHay Stack (Morayfield State High School)
Primary Rescue
1st:  Emerdore (North Lakes State College)
2nd: Tormentors (North Lakes State College)
3rd: SAS (Brisbane Boys College)
Secondary Rescue
1st: Alpha Alined (Brisbane Boys College)
2nd: Mindstormers (Brisbane Boys College)
3rd: Old people (St Peters Lutheran College)
Open Rescue
1st: That’s not Very Nays (Brisbane Boys College)
2nd: DHR (Brisbane Boys College)
3rd: Thunderstrike (Rockhampton SHS)
Rescue Encouragment AwardRoboRaiders (Murrumba State Secondary College)
Soccer - GenII
1st: HRD (Iona College)
2nd: Alpha team (Sunshine Coast Grammar school)
3rd: FistFul of Sequel (Kimberley Park State School)
Soccer - Lightweight
1st: Titanium (Sunshine Coast Grammar School)
2nd: JSTAND (Brisbane Boys College)
3rd: Print3D (Private Entry)
Soccer - Open
1st: Team Pi (Brisbane Boys College)
2nd: The Eliminators (Sunshine Coast Grammar School)
3rd: TCC (Toowoomba Christian College)
Soccer Encouragment AwardTwobit (Ormiston College)



Primary Dance

1st: Steel (Milton SS)

2nd: Party Time (Milton SS)

3rd: Summertime (Milton SS)

Primary Theatre

1st: Madagasca Crew (McIlwraith SS)

2nd: The Games (Bundaberg SS)

3rd: The Cane (Bundaberg SS)

Open Rescue:

1st: Shortcut (Northlakes)

2nd: AG (BBC)

3rd: RNS Ninja (BBC)


Soccer - GenII

1st: No Mercy (MCM)

2nd: Titanium (SCGS)

3rd: The SillyClones (OC)

Honourable mention: 3.5 Amigos (IC) -

Very close match that went to golden goal

Soccer - Lightweight

1st: Alpha Omega 2 (BBC)

2nd: TMY Robotics (BBC)

3rd: Vicious and Capricious (GSHS)

Soccer - Open

1st: Team Pi (BBC)

2nd: The Eliminators (SCGS)

3rd: TCCsoccer1 (TCC)

Innovation Award: Integrated Circuits

Primary Rescue

1st:  Rebels (Churchie)

2nd: RoboBros (Homeschool)

3rd: Apple Ducks (BBS)

Secondary Rescue

1st: Wiggler (GSHS)

2nd: Josh (TCC)

3rd: John West (QLD Academy)

Secondary Dance

1st: Gloved4 (Clayfield College)

2nd: Robogirlz (Brisbane Girls Grammar)

3rd: Finding Nemo (Clayfield College)

Encouragement Award: Earthquake, Good engineering.

Secondary Theatre

1st: The Debatables (Stretton State College)

2nd: JSR (Iona Collage)

3rd: Harry Potter (Northlakes State College)








1st – Brainstormers (BBC)

2nd – Cruzer (Gympie SS)

3rd – ALTEVA (Churchie Prep)

Encouragement – Pirates (Gympie SS)

Senior Rescue

1st - Llamas (BBC)

2nd - Hic Windu (BBC)

3rd - Wafflecopters (BBC)

Encouragement - EVE (North Lakes SC)

Premier Rescue

1st - Short Cut (North Lakes SC)

2nd - R&S Ninjas (BBC)

3rd - Fizban (Gympie SHS)

Encouragement - Robodogs (BBC)

Junior Dance

1st – Butterflys (Bundaberg East SS)

2nd – Barbie Girls (McIlwraith SS)

3rd – Discos Revenge (Milton SS)

Encouragement – Mad Dudes (Churchie Prep)

Junior Theatre

1st – Greek Myth (Kimberley Park SS)

2nd – Monster Mashers (Bundaberg East SS)

3rd – Artspace Android (Private Entry)

Encouragement – Artspace Android (Private Entry)

Senior Dance

1st – Lilo and Stitch (Clayfield College)

2nd – Winners (Clayfield College)

3rd – Robogirlz (Brisbane Girls Grammar School)

Encouragement – Surfin' USA (Clayfield College)

Senior Theatre

1st – Alice in Wonderland (North Lakes SC)

2nd – ACE (Toowoomba Christian College)

3rd – Those LAME Guys (Iona College)

Encouragement – Those LAME Guys (Iona College)


GEN II Soccer

Cup Series

1st – Titanium (Sunshine Coast Grammar)

2nd – 3½ Amigos (Iona College)

3rd – Odd One Out (Private)

Plate Series

1st – J-K-L (Gin Gin SS)

2nd – Team Logic (Mercy College Mackay)

3rd – Ormiston (Ormiston College)

Bowl Series

1st – Proximity (St Patrick's College)

2nd – E.A.L.G.I. (St Patrick's College)

3rd – Maccaroos (McIlwraith SS)

Encouragement - Mexican Brothers (Mercy College Mackay)

Lightweight Soccer

1st – White Socks (Gympie SHS)

2nd – RCW (BBC)

3rd – Wavell 1 (Wavell SHS)

Encouragement - Mexican Brothers (Mercy College Mackay)

Open Soccer

1st – TSR (BBC)

2nd – PI (BBC)

3rd – Eliminators (Sunshine Coast Grammar School)

Encouragement - The Integrated Circuits (St Patrick's College)