Workshops & Training

The NSW and regional committees support anyone who would like to participate in RoboCup Junior competitions by organising workshops and training events.

Information Session

An informal session, usually after school, where teachers from the local area can network and find out about planned events in their area.  It is also a chance to organise workshop and training days.


These are mostly "how to" sessions organised to run for one day at a school or university and provide the basic skills necessary to build and program a simple robot.  We encourage any enthusiastic teachers to host workshops for their own students as well as for teachers and students of other local schools.

Training Events

These are often "coaching" style events organised for one day at a school or university.  They are designed for teams to bring their robots and receive advice from experienced members of the committee, and other teams.  They often involve some level of competition.

Expression of Interest

If you are able to host any of these events then please contact Margie Raymond, mraymond at loretonh nsw edu au.