Primary Dance
1st - Cats 'n' Dogs - Scotch Oakburn College (TAS)
2nd - Tutti Fruttis - Charlton Christian College (NSW)
3rd - Wheels on the bus - Roberts McCubbin Primary School (VIC)

Secondary Dance
1st - Call it Steam punk - Independent
2nd - Kilvington Sloppy Waffles - Kilvington Grammar School (VIC)
3rd - Sea 52's - Brisbane Boys College (QLD)

Open Dance
1st - ASB - Central Coast Grammar School (NSW)
2nd - Children of Time - Somerville House (QLD)
3rd - EPIC - Newcastle High School (NSW)

 See Full Dance Results Here

Primary Rescue
1st - TankBot - St Mary's PS North Sydney (NSW)
2nd - Omega - Mount Nelson Primary (TAS)
3rd - Nala - Mount Nelson Primary (TAS)

Secondary Rescue
1st - E26 - Brisbane Boys College (QLD)
2nd - Kilvington Stormy 113 - Kilvington Grammar (VIC)
3rd - TechTeam - Independent

Open Rescue
1st - PiBot - St George Christian School (NSW)
2nd - Noah Davis - St Phillips Christian College (NSW)
3rd - Jophee - Box Hill High School (VIC)

    Full Rescue Round Scores

Primary   Secondary   Open

1st - H010n0mic - Independent
2nd - Jinju - Jinju United Robotics Club / RCJ Korea (KOR)
3rd - High Voltage - Trinity College (VIC)

1st - LJ Stand - Brisbane Boys' College (QLD)
2nd - Harambe - Fort Street High School (NSW)
3rd - Team Apex - Brisbane Boys' College (QLD)

1st - Mark 1 - The Scots College (NSW)
2nd -  RobosAPEiens - Fort Street High School (NSW)
3rd - The Elmininators - Sunshine Coast Grammar School (QLD)

Full Soccer Score Table

Rescue Innovation Award
SKids- Independent

Dance Teamwork Award
Aladdin - St George Christian School (NSW)

Honor Role Nomination
From: Team Lear - Tasmanian Association for the Giffted and Talented
To: Mt Nelson PRimary School
For: "Including me with your school and encouraging me".


  All Documentation Award Finalists


RoboCup Junior Australian 2015 Open Championships


Primary Dance
1st - The Bee Team:  Mullion Creek Public School
2nd - The Simpsons:  Roberts McCubbin Primary School
3rd - Hype: Brisbane Boys College

Secondary Dance
1st - Emerald Citizens (Kilvington Grammar School)
2nd - Bollywoodbot (St Mary's Anglican Girls School)
3rd - CCGS - Group 1 (Central Coast Grammar School)

Open Dance
1st - The NX-Twins EVolv3 (Melville Senior High School)         
2nd - Pickle Jar Productions (All Saint's College)
3rd - Baralaba RObotics (Private entry)


Primary Rescue
1st - Robot Wizards - Lauderdale Primary School (TAS)
2nd - Sky's Awesome Robot - S Kids (NSW)
3rd - ZF 2GG - China

Secondary Rescue
1st - Michael - Box Hill High School (VIC)
2nd - Old People - St Peters Lutheran College (QLD)
3rd - Alpha Alined - Brisbane Boys College (QLD)

Open Rescue
1st - Marshmallow - St George Christian College (NSW)
2nd - RoboFreaks - Croatian Team 1 (Croatia)
3rd - Apex - St Mark's Anglican (WA)

    Full Rescue Round Scores

1st - High Voltage (Trinity College Colac)
2nd - Whobots EV2 (Private Entry)
3rd - MAKTOOB (RCJK(RoboCup Jr. Korea))

1st - Cyborg Chimpanzee (Fort Street High School)
2nd - La Renegades (St. Francis Xavier College)
3rd - The Cavaliers (St Francis Xavier College)

1st - The Eliminators (Sunshine Coast Grammar School)
2nd - Team Pi (Brisbane Boys College)
3rd - ACW (Brisbane Boys College)

Full Soccer Score Table

Energizer Innovation Award
Baralaba Robotics

Rescue Innovation Award
JABOt - Crestwood High School (NSW)

Damien Kee / Domabotics
Documentation Award

Winner - Epic Dan
Runnerup - RainbowBot
Highly Commended - Baralaba Robotics
Highly Commended - Team Pi

  All Documentation Award Finalists



Honour Roll

The Honour roll is a the opportunity for teams to recognise the great work that others do in helping, sharing and promoting the RoboCupJunior Mission

RoboCup Junior Australia applauds the teamwork and assistance that participants show towards one another.!





2014 Results



 2014 Australian Championships Winners 

Primary Dance

1st: WHOBOTS (Independant) WA

2nd: RoboManiacs (St Mary’s Primary, North Sydney, St Pius X College)  NSW

3rd: P.A.R.T. (Brisbane Boys College) QLD

Primary Theatre

1st: Robos (Aurora School) (NZ)

2nd: Madagascar crew (McIlwraith State School) QLD

3rd: Nemo Fours (Mel Maria Catholic Primary School) WA

Primary Rescue

1st: Ironhide (Zhufei Robotics Club) China

2nd: Clumsy (Mt Nelson Primary) TAS

3rd: Jett (Glendl Primary) VIC

Secondary Rescue

1st: RMZ (Box Hill High School) VIC

2nd: Zoe and the flying Pig (Independent from PLC) VIC

3rd: Bender (Chisholm Catholic College) WA

Logbook / Documentation award

NYK (Christian College Geelong) VIC

GENII Soccer

1st: Titanium (Sunshine Coast Grammar) QLD

2nd: Trinity Titans (Trintit College Colac) VIC

3rd: Team R2-D2 (NBCS) NSW

Lightweight Soccer

1st: Lazer Precision (The Scots College) NSW

2nd: FSHS10 Infernape (FortStreet HS) NSW

3rd: SHYF Robotics (Brisbane Boys College) QLD

OPEN Soccer

1st: Team Pi (Brisbane Boys College) QLD

2nd: FSHS01 CyberApe (FortStreet HS) NSW

3rd: The Eliminators (Sunshine Coast Grammar School) QLD

Innovation: FSHSCyber Apes, Lots of work shielding sensors and making sure robots are not affected by the environment

Secondary Dance

1st: The Fireside Girls (Scotch Oakburn College) TAS

2nd: Fallen Angels (Sacred Heart College) WA

3rd: Gloved4 (Clayfield College) QLD

Secondary Theatre

1st:  The Lorax (Clarence High School/Rosny College) TAS

2nd: Kilvo Karnival (Kilvington Grammer School) VIC

3rd: Pickel Jar Productions (All Saints' College) WA

Innovation - The Lorax, All rounders, everything was excellent

Open Rescue

1st: Me, Him and It (All Saints College) WA

2nd: Monkey Kong (Devonport SH) TAS

3rd: Bam Bots (St George Christian) NSW

Innovation: Me, Myself, I (Chisholm College) WA


Schedule and Results - www.robocupjunior.org.au/results

(mobile friendly - bookmark it on your smartphone / tablet)

2012 RoboCup Junior (RCJ) Australian Open

Canberra, ACT

Competition Results

Day 1

Junior Dance Theatre
1st  Epic Robos
2nd Titanic
3rd Egyptian Godesses

Junior Dance Performance
1st Boogi
2nd Daleks
3rd On the Loose

1st Monkey Kong (Devonport High School, TAS)
2nd Nayswindu (Brisbane Boys College, QLD)
3rd R&S Ninjas (Brisbane Boys College, QLD)

Day 2

Senior Dance Theatre

1st 5 Polychromatic Cyborg Astronauts in a Bathtub (Mackillop College)
2nd Hard Rock Robotics (CSIRO Green Machine)
3rd  Dragon Sisters (Private Entry)

Senior Secondary Dance Performance

1st Kilvo Monsters (Kilvington Grammer School)
2nd 8-Bit J.A.R (All Saints College)
3rd The Boogie Man (All Saints College)

Premier Rescue

1st Blaze (Seaton High School, SA)
2nd Primate Rescue (Fort Street High, NSW)
3rd Nemesis & Glados (St Marks Anglican College, WA)

Novice Soccer League

1st Dream Team (Trinity College Colac)
2nd Lares (Yang Mying High School)
3rd Robocraft (Trinity Collage Colac)

Open Soccer

1st TSR (Brisbane Boys College)
2nd Biff Tech (Bellarine Secondary College)
3rd Eliminators (Sunshine Coast Grammar)




2011 RoboCup Junior (RCJ) Australian Open Hobart, Tasmania


The Robotics Tasmania committee who ran the event was delighted with the large number of teams (160 teams with 400 students in total) that competed from all Australian states, the ACT and New Zealand.

Two intense and exciting days of competition ensured some very high standard performances in Dance, Rescue and Soccer.

As a committee we were thrilled to usher in a new era of Novice League Soccer, a Saturday Night function and a popular video link on the big screen between venues.


Below you will find:

Photo Links

Video (Youtube) Links

Newspaper article link

All the results from the two days of competition



Photo Links

Click here to see an extensive list of Photos taken over the two days


Video Links

Groovy Time Lapse Video of all Day 1 and Day 2



More Video links on the two days will be added soon


Newspaper article link (The Mercury)


Competition Results

Day 1

Junior Dance

1st Waka Waka - McIlwraith State School (QLD)
2nd Celebrators - Ruskin Park Primary (VIC)
3rd Horror Movie - Gin Gin State School (QLD)

Junior Dance Theatre

1st Geelong Hillbillies - Geelong Grammar School (VIC)
2nd The Miners - Eimeo Road State School (QLD)
3rd Circus Freaks - Eimeo Road State School (QLD)


1st Gummybear - Mt Nelson Primary (TAS)
2nd HarLee Rescue - Brisbane Boys College (QLD)
3rd What About My Dreams? - Melbourne Grammar School (VIC)

Click here for all teams Rescue round scores

Day 2

Senior Dance

1st Kilvo Pow – Kilvington Grammar School (VIC)

2nd The Boogie Man – All Saints College (WA)

3rd Wizards of Woolwich – Marist Sisters College (NSW)

Senior Secondary Dance

1st Latin Fever – Santa Maria College (WA)

2nd Caught in the Act – Blue Gum Community School (ACT)

3rd The Lonely Goatherders – Don College (TAS)

Premier Rescue

1st Neumatics - Brisbane Boys College (QLD)

2nd Monkey Rescue – Private Entry (NSW)

3rd Team Bathroom – The Australian Science and Mathematics School (SA)

Click here for all teams Premier Rescue round scores

Novice Soccer League

1st Awesome Blue - Bellarine Secondary College (VIC)

2nd High Rollers - Bellarine Secondary College (VIC)

3rd CJ Superstars - Trinity College, Colac – (VIC)

Open Soccer

1st Memoristers – Brisbane Boys College (QLD)

2nd TSR - Brisbane Boys College (QLD)

3rd Park by Design – Bellarine Secondary College (VIC)

UTAS Computing - Best of Field


Latin Fever – Santa Maria College (WA)


Monkey Rescue – Individual Entry (NSW)


Memoristers - Brisbane Boys College (QLD)

UTAS Engineering Innovation Award


Monkey Kong – Forth Primary School (TAS)


Memorister - Brisbane Boys College (QLD)

UNSW Scholaship Awards

Max Koopman – Brisbane Boy’s College

Nic Coates – Brisbane Boy’s College

2010 Results


Premier Soccer

  • 1st EMC Squared
  • 2nd Memristors
  • 3rd Orange Bots


  • 1st Monkey Soccer
  • 2nd Microbotics
  • 3rd TR

Premier Rescue

  • 1st – Skid - Seaton High School
  • 2nd – Line Rovers - Morayfield State High and Wavell State High
  • 3rd – Blaze - Seaton High School


  • 1st – Bad Boy Danny - Trinity Grammar School, Kew
  • 2nd – Mount Nelson 1 - Mount Nelson Primary School
  • 3rd – Viruses - Brisbane Boys College

Senior Dance


Senior Theatre

  • 1st Senior Dance Theatre: RoboSquad United (multi schools - Tas)

Junior Dance

  •  2nd - Smartical Particals: Holy Spirit School (ACT)

Junior Theatre

  • 1st Junior Dance Theatre: Casey Crew (Chalcot Lodge Primary & Eumemmerring Primary School - Vic)

2009 National competition results


Congratulations to our 2009 National Champions

 Premier Soccer

  • 1st The Covenant (Rosny College)
  • 2nd Memristors (Brisbane Boys College)
  • 3rd SPX Robotics (St Pius X College)


  • 1st Dark By Design (Bellarine Secondary College)
  • 2nd Trigger Happy Bunnies (Bellarine Secondary College)
  • 3rd The Grim Robots - 'HSRFC'  (Holy Spirit School, ACT)

Premier Rescue

  • 1st - Still Thinking (All Saints College, WA)
  • 2nd - Artificial Intelligence (Fort Street, NSW)
  • 3rd - Windows 8 (Seaton High, SA)


  • 1st - Line Munchers (Cranbrook, NSW)
  • 2nd - Project Farside (Trinity Grammar, VIC)
  • 3rd - RCX (North Lakes State College, QLD)

Senior Dance   

  • 1st Baked Beanies (Murdoch College, WA)
  • 2nd Blue Brothers (Bellarine Secondary College   VIC)
  • 3rd Mamma Mia Mix (Marist Sisters College  NSW)

Senior Theatre

  • 1st REMWIZ  (Ogilivie High School  TAS)
  • 2nd After Dusk Madness (Blue Gum School   ACT)
  • 3rd Lizards on High,  (Marist Sisters College  NSW)

Junior  Dance

  • 1st Jailbot Rock, (Ruskin Park Primary School VIC)
  • 2nd Baldes of Glory., (Lindfield Park Public School NSW)
  • 3rd Splish,Splash,Splosh Car Wash, (Campbell Primary School WA)

Junior Theatre

  • 1st Robo Rockers (Churchie   QLD)
  • 2ndTechno Pirates (Mel Maria Primary School WA)
  • 3rd Bond (Lindfield Public School NSW)