Welcome to RoboCup Junior South Australia (RCJSA).  The focus of RoboCupJunior is the development of teamwork skills as well technical skills in an environment of participation, fun and excitement. RoboCup Junior is open to students studying at a Primary School or Secondary School (or the equivalent e.g. home schooled). We aim to make our competition fun and competitive through encouraging teamwork and sharing of ideas. We encourage students to think creatively to develop solutions, mostly as members of a team of 2 or more, to the RoboCup Junior Challenges in Dance, Rescue, Soccer and Sumo.

We are always grateful for the support of parents, teachers, schools, students, past students, interest groups and RCJA who help to make the competition a continued success.

If you are a new school looking to get into STEM or Robotics in a Robocup Junior setting, we can assist you with anything you need. All of our documentation can be found on the website which are linked to the National Curriculum. 

In 2018 we will run a host of workshops and events throughout the year culminating in the State competition on the 20th of August, followed by the Australian Open Championships held in Melbourne, 5th - 7th October, 2018. Further details of these events can be found on their event pages or through the links in the calendar.

Calendar of events for 2018

(Will be updated as events are locked in)

Date Event Location
 27th March (T1)  Using Robotics in the Classroom (no cost) - Teacher workshop EDC, Hindmarsh
20th August (T3)  RoboCup Junior SA State Competition ($35 per team registered) EDC, Hindmarsh
5th - 7th October (T4)  RoboCup Junior Australia National Competition ($100 per team registered) Melbourne

 SA Committee

The SA competition is coordinated by a dedicated small team of volunteers. 

SA State Chair - Shane Singlehurst

Administrator / Treasurer - Simon Coad

SA Dance Coordinator / RCJA Dance Coordinator-  Simon Coad

Rescue Coordinator -  Tom Griffith 

Soccer Coordinator - Shane Singlehurst 

Committee Members: Kimberley Coad, Harry Hoogenhout, Frank Horvat, Michael Russo, Andy Waller, Rob Edwards, Matthew Kozirev, Steve Grant

We are also looking for new people to join our committee so if you are interested in that give us an email at one of the contacts below.

Contacts: Shane Singlehurst, State Chair RoboCup SA shane.singlehurst@gmail.com

              Simon Coad, Administrator Robocup SA coady09@hotmail.com

              RCJSA committee robocupjuniorsa@gmail.com

Registrations for competitions can be found by following the links once the competition portal becomes active.

All competitiors MUST sign a Media Release Deed and submit it at Registration on the day. Failure to have this will result in not having those competitors allowed to compete.