NSW Open Competition

Dates: 21st and 22nd of August, 2017.  This is a Monday and Tuesday. 

Venue: Scientia building UNSW Kensington campus.

Day 1: Monday 21st August

  • Primary Dance
  • Primary Rescue
  • Standard League (GenII) Soccer

Day 2: Tuesday 22nd August

  • Secondary Dance
  • Open Dance
  • Secondary Rescue
  • Open Rescue
  • Rescue Maze Demonstration
  • Lightweight Soccer
  • Open Soccer

Registrations: Open 21st July, Close 16th August.

Fee: $50.00 per team.

Volunteers: Each school is required to nominate a volunteer to assist with the running of the event.

Limitations: Primary Dance - Three (3) teams per school, All Challenges - Four (4) members per team where possible.

Information Pack: Hiding way, way down the bottom of this page.  Sorry.


 Registration Form