RoboCup Junior WA is complete for another year!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year's competition... see you in 2017!


2016 Winners:

Primary Dance
1st place  Robot Rebels (St Jerome's Primary School)
2nd place   Feathered AA's (Mel Maria Catholic Primary)
3rd place  The Bogans (Our Lady of Grace School)
Secondary Dance
1st place  Penguins! (Perth Modern School)
2nd place  Potato Heads (Cannington Community College)
3rd place  Alkimos 2 (Alkimos Baptist College)
Open Dance
1st place  The NX-Twins Arduinosaurs (Melville Senior High School)
2nd place  Caught Pink Handed (Mel Maria Catholic Primary)
3rd place  Chocobots (Mel Maria Catholic Primary)
Primary Rescue
1st place  C3Po (All Saints' College)
2nd place  Yo Mama-tron Team (All Saints' College)
3rd place  HCC 1 (Holy Cross College)
Secondary Rescue
1st place  Team Challen (St Mark's Anglican Community School)
2nd place  S Mark II (Shenton College)
3rd place  Hyperion's Back (Morley Senior High)
Open Rescue
1st place  simplici nomine (Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School)
2nd place  BEN (All Saint's College)
3rd place  The Future (All Saints' College)
Gen II Soccer
1st place  Year 11 (Perth Modern School)
2nd place  Robocops (Independent)
3rd place  City (Hampton Senior High School)
Lightweight Soccer
1st place  Kungfumagic (Independent)
2nd place  Spicy Meatballs (Sacred Heart College)
3rd place  Yellow Sticky Notes (Independent)
Rio Tinto Promise Award
Psychotic Robotic (Sacred Heart College)



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