2021 RCJA National Championships Virtual Event – Rescue Maze Information


Submission Details 

Teams are required to submit the following by 9pm AEDT 5/10/2021 

  • Signed mentor declaration 
  • Signed participation forms for all team members 
  • Robot Program
  • Prerecorded Videos (if required for your chosen Division)

Instructions for uploading files are available here.

Event Weekend Guidelines 

The Interview will occur via video conference over the event weekend. All teams are expected to be available to participate in an Interview. For Divisions where live rounds are required, these will also occur during the event weekend.

Interview Guidelines 

  • The interview will be conducted via Microsoft Teams throughout the weekend with a Team mentor or parent present (if a mentor or parent is not present, the Microsoft Teams call will be immediately ceased)
  • Teams should ensure that they bring all their robots, copies of all their programs, CAD models and electrical drawings in a format that can be easily viewed on their own computer.
  • Teams should expect to screen share these files to the judges./li>

Live Round Guidelines

– The live rounds will conducted via Microsoft Teams throughout the weekend with a Team mentor or parent present (if a mentor or parent is not present, the Microsoft Teams call will be immediately ceased) 

Challenge Rules 

Rescue Maze will operate under a special set of ‘Rescue Maze Sprint’ rules for this event, available by clicking here.

An overview of Rescue Maze Sprint presentation is available here.

Some training materials for Rescue Maze Sprint is available here.

Some sample Maze layouts are available here.


1 – Open Rescue Maze

In this division, teams design, build and program their robots to compete in Rescue Maze, following the Rescue Maze Sprint rules as above

2 – Open Rescue Maze (Standard Design)

This divisions operates using the same rules/course as Open Rescue Maze, however, teams will build their robot in either EV3 or Spike Prime following the below instructions, and then submit their program to us, which will we run on the relevant robot design. These divisions is most suitable for teams who do not have access to physical robots, as they can simply program to suit their choice of Standard Design, and then submit this to us for running on the courses.

Robots can be programmed in the current or previous generation EV3 software, graphical Spike Prime software, or EV3Dev.
– Spike Prime Standard Design (available here)
– EV3 Standard Design (available here)


Registration is through our normal Event and Workshop Registration System, available from here.

Challenge Questions

If you have any questions relating to Rescue Maze, please email [email protected].