Rescue Maze Challenge

Rescue Maze

Students are required to design, build, and program two robots to compete in a dynamic game of robot soccer against an opposing pair of robots.

Soccer robots must be fully autonomous, so they need to employ a variety of sensors to navigate its way around the maze. The Rescue Maze challenge is open to all RoboCup Junior age groups.

A disaster has occurred and it is too dangerous for human to enter. A Rescue mission is necessary. A fully autonomous robot needs to be sent into the hazardous maze to locate heated victims so that the humans know where they are. A rescue package needs to be dropped for the humans that will locate them and keep them alive, ‘water’ etc (note: simulated).

Due to its ease of introduction to the uninitiated, many students choose to use LEGO Mindstorms kits to build and program their robots. Other students select alternative platforms and even build their own microprocessor robots from basic electronic components. A range of sensors can be attached to all of these platforms, including electronic compasses, sonars, light sensors, infrared sensors, and cameras. 

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There is only one division of Rescue Maze. Rescue Maze is generally considered to be more difficult than Rescue Line.

The Maze Course

The maze is constructed using 300mm cubes with various walls, colours, and obstacles. These cubes can be rearranged.

The materials needed to make a field are low-cost and easily found at your local hardware store.


Make sure you read the latest rules for this challenge. These rules can change from year-to-year.

Getting Started with Rescue Maze

Check out our Getting Started section for tutorials and more information about how to start making your rescue maze robots!

  • Beginners Guide – for students and mentors who are completely new to RoboCup
  • Rescue Resources – for rescue-specific tutorials, programming guides, suggested parts, inspiration, and other useful resources

Modern Teaching Aids supplies many of the kits and parts you may need to construct a LEGO robot.

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