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2021 RCJQ State/National Championships Announcement

As outlined in the RCJA communication on 23/08/2021, the National Competition which was to be held on the 9th – 10th October 2021 in Adelaide has been moved to a...


For general enquiries about RoboCup Junior Queensland or Australia, please visit the Contact Us page. For enquiries about particular competitions or workshops, please contact the event coordinator directly.

QLD Committee

Co-President: Alexander (Sandy) Bush – Teacher (Mt Alvernia College, Kedron)
Co-President: Margaux Edwards – University Student Representative
Secretary: Alison Taylor, Leeanne Mills – Teachers (North Lakes State College)
Treasurer: Nick Barkley – Teacher (Brisbane Boys’ College)
Regional Coordinator: Margaux Edwards – University Student Representative

Onstage Chair: Dr Daniel Tuazon – Teacher (Somerville House)
Rescue Chair: Alison Taylor, Leeanne Mills – Teachers (North Lakes State College)
Soccer Chair: Steven Lau – University Student Representative

General Members:

Dr Marie Boden – University Representative (University of Queensland)
Dr Damien Kee – Community Representative (
Anabelle Cooper – University Student Representative
William Plummer – University Student Representative
Damien Murtagh – Teacher (Moreton Bay Boys’ College)
Wade Van der Voort – Teacher (North Lakes State College)
Bernadette Vella – Community Representative
Erin McColl, Dave Finster – International Community Representatives

Past Results

2019 State Championships


Encouragement Award: Capalaba Dragons – Capalaba State College


  1. Around the World – Somerville House
  2. Greek Gods – Somerville House
  3. All Stars – Lockyer District High School


  1. Pickles – Kimberley Park State School
  2. BBSS EmoG – Banksia Beach State School
  3. Hanako Fire and Rescue Saves the Day – Somerville House


Encouragement Award: The Electromagnetic Spectrum – Sunshine Coast Grammar School

Standard League:

  1. Not Not Jerry – Building Block Studio
  2. Noot Noot – Somerville House
  3. The Squeaking Lorries – Alexandra Hills State High School

Lightweight Division:

  1. Gamma – Brisbane Boys’ College
  2. Morph – Brisbane Boys’ College
  3. Botbuilders – Building Block Studio

Open Division:

  1. Omicron – Brisbane Boys’ College
  2. J-Tec – Brisbane Boys’ College


Encouragement Award: Sleepy Bros – Iona College

Rescue Maze:

  1. EDITH! – Cannon Hill Anglican College
  2. Cable Management – QASMT
  3. RoboRaces Maze – Iona College

Rescue Line – Primary:

  1. Silicon Slay3rs – Kenmore South State School
  2. CSC Pink Fluffy Unicorns – Chancellor State College
  3. CSC LJ LineSlayer – Chancellor State College

Rescue Line – Secondary:

  1. Syntax Error – Brisbane Boys’ College
  2. BB3 – Brisbane Boys’ College
  3. CanCatcher – Toowoomba Christian College

Rescue Line – Open:

  1. The Invoice – Brisbane Boys’ College
  2. Coding Co – Brisbane Boys’ College
  3. Facehugger – Alexandra Hills State High School

2018 State Championships

OnStage Novice

  • 1st – Barbie Girls (Somerville House – SOUTH BRISBANE, QLD)
  • 2nd – Sheldon College Tech Wizards Dance (Sheldon College)
  • 3rd – Hoola Girls (Kimberley Park State School)

OnStage Experienced

  • 1st – Legosity (Redcliffe State High School)
  • 2nd – Rob The Builder (Somerville House – SOUTH BRISBANE, QLD)
  • 3rd – SB Money Makers (Somerville House – SOUTH BRISBANE, QLD)

Rescue Line Primary

  • 1st – Stemina Bacon & Eggs (Chancellor State College)
  • 2nd – Roboracers (Iona College)
  • 3rd – Kenmore Krush3rs 2.0 (Kenmore South State School)

Rescue Line Secondary

  • 1st – Koding King (Brisbane Boys College)
  • 2nd – Coding Co. (Brisbane Boys College)
  • 3rd – Space Bar (Brisbane Boys College)

Rescue Line Open

  • 1st – Marvin (Ormiston College)
  • 2nd – FaceHugger (Alexandra Hills State High School)
  • 3rd – For Antony (Brisbane Boys’ College)

Rescue Maze

  • 1st Potato Heroes (Kimberley Park State School)
  • 2nd A.M.A. (QASMT)
  • 3rd S.O.S. (Kimberley Park State School)

Soccer Open

  • 1st – Team APEX (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 2nd – H010n0m1c (Independent)
  • 3rd – HAX (Ormiston College)

Soccer Lightweight

  • 1st – M&A (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 2nd – Deus Vult (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 3rd – Somerville Stars (Somerville House)

Soccer Standard

  • 1st – iBis (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 2nd – FLC HotShots (Faith Lutheran College)
  • 3rd – Dragons (St Oliver Plunkett Primary School)

2017 State Championships

OnStage Novice

  • 1st – 
  • 2nd – 
  • 3rd – 

OnStage Experienced

  • 1st – 
  • 2nd – 
  • 3rd – 

Rescue Line Primary

  • 1st – Emergency Service (Anglican Church Grammar School)
  • 2nd – Triple J (Anglican Church Grammar School)
  • 3rd – The Cow Catchers (Anglican Church Grammar School)

Rescue Line Secondary

  • 1st – M.O.R.T.I (Burpengary)
  • 2nd – Digimines (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 3rd – Edgy Echidnas (Toowoomba Christian College)

Rescue Line Open

  • 1st – Das Roboot (Ormiston College)
  • 2nd – Telstra Broadcast (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 3rd – Marvin (Brisbane Boys’ College)

Rescue Maze

  • 1st –
  • 2nd –
  • 3rd –

Soccer Open

  • 1st – FG&B (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 2nd – 2 Bit (Ormiston College)
  • 3rd – Team APEX (Brisbane Boys’ College)

Soccer Lightweight

  • 1st – LJ STAND (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 2nd – Alpha Alined (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 3rd – Deus Vult (Brisbane Boys’ College)

Soccer Standard

  • 1st – Applebargers (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 2nd – Mattrix (Brisbane Boys’ College)
  • 3rd – XLR8ters (Brisbane Boys’ College)

2016 State Championships

Junior Dance


Australia (Kimberley Park State School)


Let’s Party (Milton SS)



Secondary Dance


44 Seconds (Lockyer District State High School)


Sea 52’s (Brisbane Boy’s College)


Unmanned (Redcliffe State High School)

Open Dance


Sugar and Spice (Farnborough State School)


Children of Time (Somerville House)


MASHI MIXERZ (North Lakes State College)

Encouragement Dance

Zombie Apocalypse (Farnborough State School)

Primary Rescue


Technical Error V2 (Churchie)


Robotron (Farnborough State School)


Static (St Peters Lutheran College)

Secondary Rescue


Rescue Bot (Toowoomba Christian College)


MGH Evolution (Mount Gravatt High)


McWesley (Brisbane Boy’s College)

Open Rescue


DSR (Brisbane Boy’s College)


Moggill Ferry (Brisbane Boy’s College)


Sagittarius A* (Brisbane Boy’s College)

Encouragement Rescue

Enterprise (Atherton State High School)

Gen 2 Soccer


Alpha Duck Squad (Brisbane Boy’s College)


Alpha Alined (Brisbane Boy’s College)


Team Ultimatum (Brisbane Boy’s College)

Lightweight Soccer


Team Apex (Brisbane Boy’s College)


Morayfield Ones (Morayfield State High School)


Print 3D (Private Entry)

Open Soccer


The Eliminators (Sunshine Coast Grammar)


FG & B (Brisbane Boy’s College)


Kelvin Goals SoccerChampions (Kelvin Grove State College)

Encouragement Soccer

Two Bit (Ormiston College)


2015 State Championships

Primary Dance

1st: Hype (Brisbane Boys College)

2nd: Robobros (North Lakes state College)

3rd: The Chasers (Brisbane Boys College)


Secondary Dance

1st: 3 Little Pigs (North Lakes State College)

2nd: Unmanned (Redcliffe State High School)

3rd: PDE (Somerville House)


Open Dance

1st: John Board (Private Entry)

2nd: Tail Shakers (McIlwraith State School) 

3rd: Children of Time (Somerville House)


Dance Encouragement Award: Hay Stack (Morayfield State High School)


Primary Rescue

1st:  Emerdore (North Lakes State College)

2nd: Tormentors (North Lakes State College)

3rd: SAS (Brisbane Boys College)


Secondary Rescue

1st: Alpha Alined (Brisbane Boys College)

2nd: Mindstormers (Brisbane Boys College)

3rd: Old people (St Peters Lutheran College)


Open Rescue

1st: That’s not Very Nays (Brisbane Boys College)

2nd: DHR (Brisbane Boys College)

3rd: Thunderstrike (Rockhampton SHS)


Rescue Encouragement Award: RoboRaiders (Murrumba State Secondary College)


Soccer – GenII

1st: HRD (Iona College)

2nd: Alpha team (Sunshine Coast Grammar school)

3rd: FistFul of Sequel (Kimberley Park State School)


Soccer – Lightweight

1st: Titanium (Sunshine Coast Grammar School)

2nd: JSTAND (Brisbane Boys College)

3rd: Print3D (Private Entry)


Soccer – Open

1st: Team Pi (Brisbane Boys College)

2nd: The Eliminators (Sunshine Coast Grammar School)

3rd: TCC (Toowoomba Christian College)


Soccer Encouragment Award: Twobit (Ormiston College)

2014 State Championships

Primary Dance

1st: Steel (Milton SS)

2nd: Party Time (Milton SS)

3rd: Summertime (Milton SS)

Primary Theatre

1st: Madagasca Crew (McIlwraith SS)

2nd: The Games (Bundaberg SS)

3rd: The Cane (Bundaberg SS)

Open Rescue:

1st: Shortcut (Northlakes)

2nd: AG (BBC)

3rd: RNS Ninja (BBC)

Soccer – GenII

1st: No Mercy (MCM)

2nd: Titanium (SCGS)

3rd: The SillyClones (OC)

Honourable mention: 3.5 Amigos (IC) –

Very close match that went to golden goal

Soccer – Lightweight

1st: Alpha Omega 2 (BBC)

2nd: TMY Robotics (BBC)

3rd: Vicious and Capricious (GSHS)

Soccer – Open

1st: Team Pi (BBC)

2nd: The Eliminators (SCGS)

3rd: TCCsoccer1 (TCC)

Innovation Award: Integrated Circuits

Primary Rescue

1st:  Rebels (Churchie)

2nd: RoboBros (Homeschool)

3rd: Apple Ducks (BBS)

Secondary Rescue

1st: Wiggler (GSHS)

2nd: Josh (TCC)

3rd: John West (QLD Academy)

Secondary Dance

1st: Gloved4 (Clayfield College)

2nd: Robogirlz (Brisbane Girls Grammar)

3rd: Finding Nemo (Clayfield College)

Encouragement Award: Earthquake, Good engineering.

Secondary Theatre

1st: The Debatables (Stretton State College)

2nd: JSR (Iona Collage)

3rd: Harry Potter (Northlakes State College)

2013 State Championships


1st – Brainstormers (BBC)

2nd – Cruzer (Gympie SS)

3rd – ALTEVA (Churchie Prep)

Encouragement – Pirates (Gympie SS)

Senior Rescue

1st – Llamas (BBC)

2nd – Hic Windu (BBC)

3rd – Wafflecopters (BBC)

Encouragement – EVE (North Lakes SC)

Premier Rescue

1st – Short Cut (North Lakes SC)

2nd – R&S Ninjas (BBC)

3rd – Fizban (Gympie SHS)

Encouragement – Robodogs (BBC)

Junior Dance

1st – Butterflys (Bundaberg East SS)

2nd – Barbie Girls (McIlwraith SS)

3rd – Discos Revenge (Milton SS)

Encouragement – Mad Dudes (Churchie Prep)

Junior Theatre

1st – Greek Myth (Kimberley Park SS)

2nd – Monster Mashers (Bundaberg East SS)

3rd – Artspace Android (Private Entry)

Encouragement – Artspace Android (Private Entry)

Senior Dance

1st – Lilo and Stitch (Clayfield College)

2nd – Winners (Clayfield College)

3rd – Robogirlz (Brisbane Girls Grammar School)

Encouragement – Surfin’ USA (Clayfield College)

Senior Theatre

1st – Alice in Wonderland (North Lakes SC)

2nd – ACE (Toowoomba Christian College)

3rd – Those LAME Guys (Iona College)

Encouragement – Those LAME Guys (Iona College)


GEN II Soccer

Cup Series

1st – Titanium (Sunshine Coast Grammar)

2nd – 3½ Amigos (Iona College)

3rd – Odd One Out (Private)

Plate Series

1st – J-K-L (Gin Gin SS)

2nd – Team Logic (Mercy College Mackay)

3rd – Ormiston (Ormiston College)

Bowl Series

1st – Proximity (St Patrick’s College)

2nd – E.A.L.G.I. (St Patrick’s College)

3rd – Maccaroos (McIlwraith SS)

Encouragement – Mexican Brothers (Mercy College Mackay)

Lightweight Soccer

1st – White Socks (Gympie SHS)

2nd – RCW (BBC)

3rd – Wavell 1 (Wavell SHS)

Encouragement – Mexican Brothers (Mercy College Mackay)

Open Soccer

1st – TSR (BBC)

2nd – PI (BBC)

3rd – Eliminators (Sunshine Coast Grammar School)

Encouragement – The Integrated Circuits (St Patrick’s College)

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