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We run regional competitions and workshops around WA. Contact us if you’re interested in hosting a RoboCup event at your school or facility.

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For general enquiries about RoboCup Junior WA or Australia, please visit the Contact Us page. For enquiries about particular competitions or workshops, please contact the event coordinator directly.

WA Committee

Robocup Junior WA Events for 2023


We hope to see everyone at the Launch of the 2023 Robocup Junior year. This is where you will hear about the events we have planned for the year.

  • When: 16 February, 2023
  • Where: Scitech, Magnesium Meeting Room
  • Time: 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Registration to open soon.

Workshops Metropolitan

Onstage and Soccer

  • When: 14 March, 2023
  • Where: All Saints College, Bull Creek
  • Time: 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Registration to open soon

Maze and Line Rescue

  • When: 28 March, 2023
  • Where: All Saints College, Bull Creek
  • Time: 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Registration to open soon

Workshops Regional

All Robocup Junior categories

  • When: 18 March, 2023
  • Where: Bunbury Library
  • Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Registration to open soon

Metro Event

This is an opportunity to share ideas and give your robots a trial run for the State Event. The morning will run as mentoring and the afternoon as a competition.

  • When: 17 June, 2023
  • Where: All Saints College, Bull Creek
  • Time: Doors open at 8:30 am. Event from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Registration to open soon

Past Results

2017 State Championships

RoboCup Junior WA 2017 Winners

Robotics is fun, but it also requires a lot of hard work and perseverance, and building an original robot that is capable of competing in RoboCup is a significant achievement.

Congratulations to every Western Australian team who competed in RoboCup Junior in 2017.


Primary Dance

  1st      The 4 Wall•Es      Tambrey Primary School           
  2nd      Star Blazers      Mel Maria Catholic Primary School           
  3rd      Godzilla Adventures      Mel Maria Catholic Primary School           

Secondary Dance

  1st      Unplugged      All Saints’ College           
  2nd      The Motherboards      Independent           
  3rd      Potatoes      Cannington Community College           

Open Dance

  1st      T4 2      Mel Maria Catholic Primary School           
  2nd      Ghostbusters      St Brigid’s College           


Primary Rescue

  1st      Bot Boys 1      Independent           
  2nd      Wickham Wonders       Wickham Primary School           
  3rd      Baynton West Boys Team (BBT)      Baynton West Primary School           

Secondary Rescue

  1st      Rob-Bot      All Saints’ College           
  2nd      Silent Assassins      Shenton College           
  3rd      Servite 3      Servite College           

Open Rescue

  1st      The Present       All Saints’ College           
  2nd      Team Sonic      All Saints’ College           
  3rd      Simplex Nomina      Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School           

Rescue Maze

  1st      All the W’s      Sacred Heart College           
  2nd      Team 10      Sacred Heart College           
  3rd      Silent Assassins      Shenton College           


Standard League Soccer

  1st      Snooper      Perth Modern School           
  2nd      Robocops      Independent           
  3rd      Soccer Noobs      Hampton Senior High School           

Lightweight Soccer

  1st      Project X      Sacred Heart College           
  2nd      Non Working Robot      Sacred Heart College           
  3rd      JJ Action      Independent           

Open Soccer

  1st      Game Loser      Perth Modern School           
  2nd      Ailish’s All Star’s      Sacred Heart College           
  3rd      Man Chest Hair United      Sacred Heart College           

Rio Tinto Promise Award

Awarded to teams who show the most promise and sportsmanship in the face of adversity and who uphold the true spirit of RoboCup Junior.

  JJ Action      Independent      (Lightweight Soccer)

2017 Finalists

A list of all teams who qualified for the Saturday finals of RoboCup Junior WA 2017 can be downloaded by clicking here.

Thanks to all teams who took part in 2017 and see you next year!

2016 State Championships

RoboCup Junior WA 2016: Winners

Primary Dance
1st place  Robot Rebels (St Jerome’s Primary School)
2nd place   Feathered AA’s (Mel Maria Catholic Primary)
3rd place  The Bogans (Our Lady of Grace School)
Secondary Dance
1st place  Penguins! (Perth Modern School)
2nd place  Potato Heads (Cannington Community College)
3rd place  Alkimos 2 (Alkimos Baptist College)
Open Dance
1st place  The NX-Twins Arduinosaurs (Melville Senior High School)
2nd place  Caught Pink Handed (Mel Maria Catholic Primary)
3rd place  Chocobots (Mel Maria Catholic Primary)
Primary Rescue
1st place  C3Po (All Saints’ College)
2nd place  Yo Mama-tron Team (All Saints’ College)
3rd place  HCC 1 (Holy Cross College)
Secondary Rescue
1st place  Team Challen (St Mark’s Anglican Community School)
2nd place  S Mark II (Shenton College)
3rd place  Hyperion’s Back (Morley Senior High)
Open Rescue
1st place  simplici nomine (Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School)
2nd place  BEN (All Saint’s College)
3rd place  The Future (All Saints’ College)
Gen II Soccer
1st place  Year 11 (Perth Modern School)
2nd place  Robocops (Independent)
3rd place  City (Hampton Senior High School)
Lightweight Soccer
1st place  Kungfumagic (Independent)
2nd place  Spicy Meatballs (Sacred Heart College)
3rd place  Yellow Sticky Notes (Independent)
Rio Tinto Promise Award
Psychotic Robotic (Sacred Heart College)

2015 State Championships

RoboCup Junior WA 2015: Winners

Lightweight Soccer

1st place  Purple Sticky Notes (Independent)
2nd place   Soccerbots 1 (Sacred Heart College)
3rd place  Soccerbots 2 (Sacred Heart College)
Gen II Soccer
1st place  JJJK (Independent)
2nd place  Psychotic robotic (Sacred Heart College)
3rd place  AAA batteries (Melville Senior High School)
Primary Rescue
1st place  Rebecca Harsanyi (St John’s Scarborogh)
2nd place  Fire Team (Ardross Primary School)
3rd place  Intellibots (Ardross Primary School)
Secondary Rescue
1st place  CCC1 (Chisholm Cathlic College)
2nd place  Team Sonic (All Saints College)
3rd place  Challenge 2.0 (St Marks Anglican Community School)
Open Rescue
1st place  Apex (St Mark’s Anglican Community School)
2nd place  BEN (All Saint’s College)
3rd place  Anything (Independent)
Primary Dance
1st place  The Best Busters (Our Lady Of Grace School)
2nd place  Mission Impossible (Independent)
3rd place  Slow And Steady (St Jerome’s Primary School)
Secondary Dance
1st place  Bollywood Bot (St Mary’s Anglican Girls School)
2nd place  It Came From The Arcade (Melville Senior High School)
3rd place  HMS Ship (Melville Senior High School)
Open Dance
1st place  Pickle Jar Productions (All Saints College)
2nd place  The NX-Twins Evolve (Independent)
3rd place  Shrogers (Mel Maria Catholic Primary School)
Rio Tinto Promise Award
The NX-Twins Evolve (Independent)

2014 State Championships

2014 WA State Competition – winners

Primary Theatre

  1. Nemo Fours (Mel Maria Catholic Primary School)
  2. When Toys Come to Life (Mel Maria Catholic Primary School)
  3. Peter Pan (Mel Maria Catholic Primary School)

Secondary Theatre

  1. Pickle Jar Productions (All Saints’ College)

Primary Dance

  1. WHO BOTS (Independent)
  2. Evolution of Dance (Mel Maria Catholic Primary School)
  3. Disco Dudes (Bull Creek PEAC)

Secondary Dance

  1. The Inspectors (All Saints’ College)
  2. Bollywood Bot (Independent)
  3. Fallen Angels (Sacred Heart College)

Primary Rescue

  1. Hukit Dynamics (Independent)
  2. Davinci 2 (Holy Cross College)
  3. Crimson 20 (Bletchley Park Primary School)

Secondary Rescue

  1. Bama (Chisholm Catholic College)
  2. Grover (Chisholm Catholic College)
  3. Challen-gers (St Mark’s Anglican Community School)

Open Rescue

  1. Sam (All Saints’ College)
  2. Me, Him and It (All Saints’ College)
  3. Spinner (All Saints’ College)

Lightweight Soccer

  1. For The Win (Sacred Heart College)
  2. Tricky Business (Sacred Heart College)
  3. Havenga Business (Sacred Heart College)

GEN II Soccer

  1. Project OP5 (Trinity College)
  2. The Impossible Maybes (Trinity College)
  3. Trinity 3 (Trinity College)

Rio Tinto Promise Award

Me, Myself, I (Independent)


2013 State Championships

2013 WA State Competition – winners

Primary Theatre

  1. Flintsones Five (Mel Maria Primary School)
  2. MSAA (Mel Maria Primary School)
  3. Wiggles (Mel Maria Primary School)

Primary Dance

  1. Robodog (Independant)
  2. Epic Funkz (Bull Creek PEAC)
  3. Soccer Stars (Mel Maria Primary School)

Senior Dance

  1. The Pickle JAR & Teddy (All Saints College)
  2. NX TWINS (Homeschool)
  3. Bom Bom (Sacred Heart College)

Primary Rescue

  1. Lego Creators (Independent)
  2. Terminal Velocity (Ardross Primary)
  3. Team Robotique (Ardross Primary)

Secondary Rescue

  1. Awesome Three (Chisholm College)
  2. Robo Marfia (St Marks)
  3. A and D (Chisholm College)

Premier Rescue

  1. Team Jimmy (All Saints)
  2. Glados (Independent)
  3. Me, Him and It (All Saints)


  1. Sacred Heart (Sacred Heart)
  2. Mrs MAC (Trinity College)
  3. L2 (Trinity College)

Open Soccer

  1. Team Duct Tape (Homeschool)
  2. Chisholm (Chisholm College)

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