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Host a RoboCup Event and Get Involved with the Committee

We run regional events and workshops all around Victoria. Contact us if you’re interested in hosting a RoboCup event at your school or facility, or getting involved with our State Committee, or even just volunteering at an event.

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Please sign up here, or if you haven’t received your link by 12pm 10/3, contact Evan on 

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2021 RCJV Virtual Warmup – Info for Teams

We hope you are as excited for our Virtual Warmup Event as we are! All four challenges are available, OnStage (Novice & Experience), Rescue Line (Riley Rover, Primary, Secondary &...

RCJV EV3Sim Soccer Simulator Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended our Soccer Simulator Workshop. The Simulator used in this Workshop will be the platform supporting the Soccer Challenge at the RCJV 2021 Virtual Warmup....

RCJV ev3dev Workshop

A big thanks to guest presenter Jackson Goerner from Melbourne High School for leading our ev3dev workshop, and developing straightforward instructions and resources for getting started with ev3dev! Click here...

RCJV OnStage Workshop

Thank you to those who attended the OnStage Workshop last week. Please see links for resources, and recording below. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!...

RCJ Victoria Rescue workshop presentations

Presentations providing an overview of Rescue Line robot design and programming considerations. The presentations include code examples for the classic EV3 block based coding, as well as the equivalent code...

RCJV General Information Workshop 2021 – Recording & Presentation

Thank you to everybody who joined the RCJV General Information Workshop this year. We hope you found the Workshop useful and informative. Workshop Recording Workshop Presentation


For general enquiries about RoboCup Junior VIC or Australia, please visit the Contact Us page. For enquiries about particular competitions or workshops, please contact the event coordinator directly.

Important Information

VIC Committee

General and Beginners Enquiries:

Event Enquiries: 

  • See contact information below for the relevant event

OnStage Enquries:

Rescue Enquiries: 

Soccer Enquiries:

Spike Enquiries: 

Registration System Enquiries:

Workshop, Training and Professional Development Enquiries:

Risk, Compliance, Health and Saftey Enquiries: 

Compliance Forms

Click here to download Mentor Declaration (must be completed by each mentor, and submitted upon arrival at the event).

Click here to download Participation Deed (must be completed for each student prior to the student being registered for the event, and submitted upon arrival at the event).

General Information

News & General Information 

Event Qualification

All RoboCup Junior Victoria (RCJV) events are open entry, meaning any teams can enter any and all events, without prior experience or finals placement in a previous events. Whilst we do strongly encourage teams to attend Regional Event to gain experience, this is in no way required for entry into the State event, or even the Australia Open (Nationals).

Entry Volume Management
Challenges/Divisions listed for all events will run subject to a minimum of five entries in that challenge/division. In the event of less than five entries, or for other operational and/or management reasons, divisions may be merged and combined. Conversely, in the event there are too many entries for a particular event, or challenge/division at a event (as dictated by event, challenge/division and/or venue capacity and/or health and saftey requirements), organisations with the most entries may be asked to select their teams best prepared to attend the event. This is most likely to occur at the Victorian State or Melbourne Regional events. Mentors from any organisations affected will be contacted after close of entries.

Event Entry Fees
Entry fee amounts for each event is show in the event information on the Vic Events page (linked from from the Event Calendar above).

Rule Modifications
Please see below for  important information relevant to Rescue Line & Soccer at Regional and State events in Victoria. The information on these pages does not apply to events in other States & Territories, or the Australian Open (Nationals).

Important documents including the mandatory Participation Deed and Mentor Declaration (all events) and The University of Melbourne Audio/Video/Photograph Release (Victorian State Event only) can be found at the bottom of this page. Please note that it is not permissible for forms to be altered in any way. Mentors are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the saftey of their students, themselves, anybody associated with them and any associated property at any and all events (including but not limited to eventsand workshops) and complete/implement any risk assessments or child safe policies that might be required.

Please note that The University of Melbourne Audio/Video/Photograph Release forms will be securely held by RoboCup Junior Victoria and information on these forms only accessed if a need arises. 

Workshops and Professional Development

Information regarding workshop and professional development sessions can be found on the Vic Workshops page, linked to from the Event Calendar above.

Rescue Line in Victoria

Please see the documents lined below for details on Rescue Line in Victoria. In most cases, Rescue Line in Victoria will follow the altered rules below rather than the RoboCup Junior Australia rules.

A brief overview of the divisions is in the table below. Please see the documents attached below for further information about each division.

2021 RCJV Rescue Line Rules
2021 RCJV Rescue Line Field Specifications

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email David Ebert on, Andrew Cook on, or Tim Ronchi on

***For a number of years RCJV Rescue Line has used the Schwepps 1.25 L bottles as the preferred Water Tower. This bottle is no longer available for purchase. From 2019 the preferred Water Tower will be the Kirks 1.25 L bottle (clear contents with label and sticky residue removed, otherwise left as per factory condition). ***


Division Victorian Rules Notes
Riley Rover Rescue Line Beginner division for any Primary or Secondary school age student who has not complete in Rescue in a prior year
Primary Rescue Line Intermediary division for Primary school age students
Secondary Rescue Line Intermediary division for Secondary school age students, Primary school age students are also eligible to compete in this division
Open Rescue Line Advanced division for experienced students of Primary or Secondary school age.

Rescue Maze in Victoria

Please see the documents linked below for details on an additional, beginner level Rescue Maze division – Max’s Manageble Maze – in Victoria. This will be made available in conjunction with the RCJA Rescue Maze challenge.

In summary, Max’s Manageable Maze is designed to be easily tackleable using commonly use (e.g. Lego) software and hardware. Maze layouts are conducive to being traversed using edge (wall) following methodology, and victims are represented by reflective aluminium tape. Complexities like debris and multiple levels have been eliminated, and the scoring is strongly focused on navigating to and identifiying victims.

2021 RCJV Max’s Manageable Maze Rules

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email David Ebert on, Andrew Cook on, or Tim Ronchi on


Division Victorian Rules Australian Rules Notes
Max’s Manageable Maze   Introductory division, rules linked above. Mazes designed to be more easily navigated by robots. 
Open Rescue Maze   More challenging division as run at the National Event. Rules available from the Rescue Maze Challenge Page.

Soccer in Victoria

Please see the infomation and below for details on Soccer in Victoria.

A brief overview of the divisions is in the table below. Please see the documents attached below for further information about each division.

If you have any queries, please do not hesistate to email Dan Sriratana on or Ben Grunow on

Division Rules Below Rules on
National Page 
Simple Simon Soccer ✔ (see attached PDF below)   Uses Vinyl Mat Field. Introductionary division for beginners with only Lego plus Infrared Sensor allowed (no Compass Sensor).
Standard League Soccer    ✔ Uses Green Carpet Field.
Lightweight Soccer     Division Not Running.
Lightweight Vision ✔ (see text below)   Uses Green Carpet Field, based on Open Soccer with variations as per below.
Open Soccer   Uses Green Carpet Field.
Lightweight Vision Rules

As a trial, a Lightweight Vision will be run in lieu to Leightweight Soccer in Victoria for 2021 due to the lack of interst in Leightweight Soccer in 2018 & 2019. The rules are as below:

  • Games will be run using Open Soccer Rules, Fields and Balls.
  • As for previous RCJV Open League games “Out on White” will not be enforced.
  • Lightweight Vision will have the following modifications made to robot
  • Construction rules:
    • Robots must use EV3 or NXT controllers and motors
    • Pixy2 LEGO is the suggested vision sensor
    • The weight of the robot must be under 1.1 kg
    • Any other construction materials can be used
    • Any omni wheels can be used

Virtual Event Info - OnStage

Submission Details: 

Teams are to submit the following by the due date to be eligible for the competition:

  • 1 x video of the performance
  • 1 x video of the interview
  • 1 x completed Technical Description paper
  • Signed participation forms for all team members 

Entries can be submittted by adding your share link to a folder (e.g. google drive) containing all of the above files to the Notes on your Teams Registration in the registration system.

Performance Video guidelines:

  • Camera must be stationary for the entire performance
  • The framing of the shot should show the entire stage area and all team members must be seen within the frame for the duration of the performance
  • Stage (2.0m x 2.0 m) should be clearly marked using black tape on a flat surface
  • Recording begins with a clear stage, participants then start to set up equipment on the stage 
  • Only participants can bring equipment on and off the stage
  • The performance should be between 1-2 minutes in length
  • Recording ends when all equipment and team members have left the stage
  • The entire performance video should be a maximum of 6 minutes and be one continuous shot – no splicing allowed

Interview Video guidelines:

  • Everyone in the team has to speak at least once
  • The team’s robot program must be shown within the interview video and at least one piece of the code must be described
  • The teams robots must be shown during the interview
  • The entire interview video should be a maximum of 5 minutes
  • The following questions/prompts from the Technical description paper can be used to guide the interview content
    • What is the theme/idea of the performance?
    • What was done to enhance difficult movement of the robots? eg moving smoothly, keeping balance, communication, avoiding objects, grasping objects etc. (Point these out on your robots/code)
    • Which sensors are you using? eg touch, light, sounds, rotation, compass, proximity, ultrasonic, colour (Point these out on your robots/code)
    • Are you using wireless communications? If so what type eg Infrared, Bluetooth (Point these out on your robots/code)
    • What programming language/s are you using?  (Show your code and describe an important part and what it makes the robot do)
    • What is the highlight of your performance?
    • Is there any robot-robot interaction in your performance?
    • What did your team find especially challenging and how did you overcome it?

2021 Season Opening Presentation & Recording

Thank you to everybody who attended our 2021 Season Opening.

For those who couldn’t make it live, click here to view the presentation and click here to watch the meeting recording from our 2021 RCJV Season Opening (held 4-5pm Wednesday 10th March). 

Rescue Line & Rescue Maze Equipment Loan Scheme

Please click here for the equipment loan scheme form.

Please contact the Rescue Coordinator listed under the Key Contacts section above if you have any questions.

Once the form is complete, we will be in touch to organise pickup/delivery of the equipment. 

Please note that where significant travel/courier services are required to deliver the equipment, a fee to cover these costs may be charged.

Soccer Simulator Information

Information coming soon. 

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