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We run regional competitions and workshops all around Australia. Contact us if you’re interested in hosting a RoboCup event at your school or facility.

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For general enquiries about RoboCup Junior VIC or Australia, please visit the Contact Us page. For enquiries about particular competitions or workshops, please contact the event coordinator directly.

VIC Committee

General and Beginners Enquiries: Evan Bailey (State Chair), Email: (preferred), Mobile: 0467675869 (email enquiries are preferred, and you will likely receceive a reply via email faster than a return phone call due to Evan’s work commitments)
Event Enquiries: See contact information below for the relevant event
OnStage Enquries: Emma Bebe (OnStage Coordinator), Email:
Rescue Enquiries: David Ebert (Rescue Co-Coordinator), Email: or Andrew Cook (Rescue Co-Coordinator), Email: or Tim Ronchi (Rescue Co-Coordinator), Email:
Soccer Enquiries: Dan Sriratana (Soccer Co-Coordinator), Email: or Ben Grunow (Soccer Co-Coordinator), Email:
Registration System Enquiries:
 Zac McWilliam (Digital Platforms Team Leader), Email:
Workshop, Training and Professional Development Enquiries:
 Traceye Rapinett (Workshops, Training and Professional Development Coordinator), Email:
Risk, Compliance, Health and Saftey Enquiries:
 Chris Egan (Deputy Chair) Email:

Important Information

General Information

News & General Information 

Event Qualification

All RoboCup Junior Victoria (RCJV) events are open entry, meaning any teams can enter any and all events, without prior experience or finals placement in a previous events. Whilst we do strongly encourage teams to attend Regional Event to gain experience, this is in no way required for entry into the State event, or event the Australia Open (Nationals).

Entry Volume Management
Challenges/Divisions listed for all events will run subject to a minimum of five entries in that challenge/division. In the event of less than five entries, or for other operational and/or management reasons, divisions may be merged and combined. Conversely, in the event there are too many entries for a particular event, or challenge/division at a event (as dictated by event, challenge/division and/or venue capacity and/or health and saftey requirements), organisations with the most entries may be asked to select their teams best prepared to attend the event. This is most likely to occur at the Victorian State or Melbourne Regional events. Mentors from any organisations affected will be contacted after close of entries.

Event Entry Fees
Entry fee amounts for each event are stated below. Entry fees include GST and are unchanged from 2019.

Rule Modifications
Please see the RCJV Soccer and RCJV Rescue pages (links to the left) for important information relevant to Regional and State events in Victoria. The information on these pages does not apply to the Australian Open (Nationals).

Important documents including the mandatory Participation Deed and Mentor Declaration (all events) and The University of Melbourne Audio/Video/Photograph Release (Victorian State Event only) can be found at the bottom of this page. Please note that it is not permissible for forms to be altered in any way. Mentors are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the saftey of their students, themselves, anybody associated with them and any associated property at any and all events (including but not limited to eventsand workshops) and complete/implement any risk assessments or child safe policies that might be required. Please note that The University of Melbourne Audio/Video/Photograph Release forms will be securely held by RoboCup Junior Victoria and information on these forms only accessed if a need arises. 

To help you keep track of RCJV Events and Workshops, you can add the below ‘Internet Calendar’ to your Email Client (e.g. Outlook) to automatically popular your calendar with RCJV events:…

Workshops and Professional Development

Information regarding workshop and professional development sessions can be found at: Please scroll down to the ‘Victoria’ heading. 

Rescue Line in Victoria

Soccer in Victoria

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