Getting Started

Beginners Guide

Getting Started with RoboCup – For Absolute Beginners


RoboCup is split into three challenge areas – OnStage, Rescue, and Soccer. Each team needs to choose which challenge they wish to enter. Each of these challenges has an entry-level division which is most suitable for beginners.


  1. Read the rules
  2. Make a plan, do your research, brainstorm ideas
  3. Construct your robot(s)
  4. Program your robots
  5. Test your robots and make changes as necessary
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Event Dates

RoboCup Junior Australia runs regional, state, and national competitions, as well as workshops. Please check your state or territory’s page for an event calendar. Please note that state and national competitions are open to everyone – you don’t need to ‘qualify’ at a previous event to participate.

RoboCup Junior is run predominantly by teachers. We know how busy teachers can get during the school term. The RoboCup challenges do not change significantly from year-to-year, which means you can spend as much or as little time as you need preparing for competition.

Check to see if there is a workshop near you.

Estimated Costs

The RoboCup challenges do not change significantly from year-to-year. This reduces the annual cost for schools and parents. All of the following items are one-off purchases (except for art and craft materials). Most of the cost goes towards purchasing the LEGO EV3 kit. This kit can be shared between students and used for multiple years (some schools have had them for more than 6 years).


Rescue Line

Rescue Maze


  • 1 LEGO EV3 Dance pack $1596
  • Additional art and craft materials $20
  • 1 LEGO EV3 rescue pack (field included) $1000


  • 1 LEGO EV3 soccer kit $2340
  • Field materials (see field construction guide) $100

Software: Free

Typical entry fees:

  • Workshops: Usually free. Teacher PD workshops can cost more
  • Regional competitions: $0 to $50 per team
  • State competitions: $40 to $110 per team
  • National competition: ~$110 per team

Forming a Team

Teams are generally between 2 to 5 students. Schools can enter multiple teams in any challenge.

Programming your Robot

Download the LEGO EV3 Classroom software for free. Very similar to Scratch. Check tutorials.

Resources and Tutorials

What to Expect When Going to Your First Competition

Check out the Getting Started section for more detailed resources that you might find helpful.

  • Registering your team
  • Paying for your registration
  • Check in
  • Pit area (no adults allowed!)
  • Schedule
    • OnStage
    • Rescue
    • Soccer
  • Awards

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