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For general enquiries about RoboCup Junior ACT or Australia, please visit the Contact Us page. For enquiries about particular competitions or workshops, please contact the event coordinator directly.

ACT Committee

Chair: Graham Stock
Vice Chair: TBC
Treasurer: Jim Riley
Secretary: TBC
On-Stage Coordinator: Daniel Heap
Rescue Line Coordinator: Alex Cavalli
Rescue Maze Coordinator:
 Andrew Mackerras
Soccer Coordinator: Marc Cooke-Russell


Event Enquiries
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Workshop Enquiries:
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Past Results

2022 and Onwards

From 2022, RCJA moved to a Cloud Hosted Scoring System. Head across to & follow the links to find results for 2022 and on.

2016 State Championships

Regional Event Results – 2016


Primary Dance

  • 1st Place – The Buck Bucks – St John the Apostle Primary School
  • 2nd Place – Dark Dragons – Blue Gum Community School
  • 3rd Place – The Mystery Detectives

Secondary Dance

  • 1st Place – Call it Steampunk – Home Education Network
  • 2nd Place – Sunshine Girls – St Clare’s College
  • 3rd Place – Team LCM – St Clare’s College

Primary Rescue

  • 1st Place – Moon Knights – Kid Technic
  • 2nd Place – The Hydreton – Kid Technic
  • 3rd Place – Mental Blank – Kid Technic

Secondary Rescue

  • 1st Place – Pink Ninja Spys – Kid Technic
  • 2nd Place – Team Meka – St Francis Xavier College
  • 3rd Place – Team Life Savers – St Francis Xavier College

Lightweight Soccer

  • 1st Place – SFX Strikers – St Francis Xavier College
  • 2nd Place – Just Happy to Be Here – Harrison School
  • 3rd Place – A Goat with a Funny Hat – St Mary MacKillop College

2013 State Championships

Regional Event Results – 2013


Open Soccer: 1st Team SFXRFC – Mudkips (SFX) 2nd Team Haxxor (McKillop/SFX), 3rd Team Radrobots (Radford College)

Novice Soccer: 1st Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers (SFX), 2nd Team Leeroy (SFX), 3rd Team Schniz (SFX), 4th Tardis Crew (Moruya High School)

Rescue Junior: 1st Robotic Roos (CGS) by 20 seconds, 2nd Krispy Kreme Dream (Gib Gate School), 3rd Lego Mindstorm Rulers (CGS)

Rescue Senior: 1st Terabytes (SFX), Marist 1 (Marist), 3rd Marist 2 (Marist)

Premier Rescue: 1st That Person Standing Over There (McKillop), 2nd ME (McKillop), 3rd Bad Boy (Independent Entry)

Dance Junior: 1st H.U.L.A (Sanctuary Point Public School)

Dance Senior: 1st Three Chocolatiers (Independent Entry), 2nd Team Gents (SFX)

2012 State Championships

Regional Event Results – 2012


Novice Soccer – 1st Place: BundahStorm (Narrabundah College), 2nd Place: Holy Spirit FC (Holy Spirit Catholic School), 3rd Place: SFX 10 Two (Saint Francis Xavier College, 4th Place: Harrison Soccer (Harrison School)

Open Soccer – 1st Place: Project 51 (Saint Francis Xavier School), 2nd Place: SFXFC (Saint Francis Xavier School), 3rd Place: RadBot (Radford College), 4th Place: Antibody (St Mary MacKillop College)

Junior Dance – 1st Place: On the Loose (Home Education Hencast), 2nd Place: Connection (Kaleen Primary School), 3rd Place: Party Rockers (Kaleen Primary School)

Junior Dance Theatre – 1st Place: The Funky Ice-Cream (Gib Gate School), 2nd Place: Fully Sick Bro (Gib Gate School), 3rd Place: 4 Gold 2 (St Gregorys Queanbeyan)

Senior Dance – 1st Place: 9 One (Saint Francis Xavier School), 2nd Place: 10 Two (Saint Francis Xavier School), 3rd Place: LEX (Saint Francis Xavier School)

Senior Dance Theatre – 1st Place: Hard Rock Robotics (CSIRO Green Machine)

Junior Rescue – 1st Place: Robotic Rice (Saint Francis Xavier School), 2nd Place: Grammar 4 (Canberra Boys Grammar), 3rd Place: Bobs your Jolly Uncle (Kaleen Primary School)

Premier Rescue – 1st Place: Nobody (St Mary MacKillop College), 2nd Place: Marist 3 (Marist College Canberra), 3rd Place: Anybody (St Mary MacKillop College)

2011 State Championships

Event 2011 Results

Novice Soccer – 1st Place: Bundah Storm (Narrabundah College), 2nd Place: Holy Spirit Novice (Holy Spirit School), 3rd Place: Botchester United (Amaroo School)

Open League Soccer – 1st Place: Haxxor (St. Mary MacKillop College), 2nd Place: Holy Spirit United (Holy Spirit School), 3rd Place: Holy Spirit City (Holy Spirit School)

Soccer Encouragement: Team Oxymoron (Saint Francis Xavier)

Junior Dance – 1st Place: The Dancing Nacho Chips (Gib Gate), 2nd Place: Connectors (Kaleen Primary), 3rd Place: The B.O.B.S! (Kaleen Primary)

Senior Dance – 1st Place: F.R.O.G (CSIRO Green Machine), 2nd Place: Caught in the Act (Blue Gum Community School)

Dance Encouragement: Rio (Gib Gate)

Rescue – 1st Place: G5 (Canberra Grammar School), 2nd Place: BobyFred (Canberra Grammar School), 3rd Place: G2 (Canberra Grammar School)

Premier Rescue – 1st Place: G3 (Canberra Grammar School), 2nd Place: Doom Buggy (St. Mary MacKillop College), 3rd Place: M1 (Marist College)

Rescue Encouragement: The Pitterpot Mk 2 (Kaleen Primary)

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