Flat Pack Tiles Maze Course

The Robocup Junior Australia Rescue Maze Technical Committee have been working on an alternative design for creating Maze courses (for both Open Maze and Mighty Maisy Maze). This design has the advantage of being easier to store and transport as it is a flat pack design.

The design is based on a tile with a channel around its edges which wall panels can be slotted into. This allows any maze layout to be easily built. At this stage the design does not include a ramp and is best suited to a single level design as used in Mighty Maisy Maze.

The example shown below is configured with both Open Maze victims on the walls and Mighty Maisy Maze victims on the floor.

The instructions for this flat pack design are provided below:

Robcocup Maze Course Flat Pack

The design files for the 3D Printed 3mm wall joiners and 3mm wall victim hanger are provided below:

Robcocup Maze Course Flat Pack 3mm

Note: Please note the victim design for Open Maze has changed with a new victim hanger design USB handwarmers as heat pads.

Thanks to Neil Gray who came up with the concept, David Musgrave, Jason Flood and Tim Ronchi who worked on the design. David Musgrave who built the sample course and created the instructions and Tim Ronchi who created all the 3D printer models for the joiners and victim hanger.