New Open Maze Victim Design

To coincide with the release of the Flat Pack Tiles Maze Course which uses 3mm walls and has a new Victim design, we are also releasing the same victim design for 9mm walls as used on the older style 9mm ply maze walls. The hanger victim hanger has been designed for 200mm high walls.

The heat source for new victims is based on USB Hand Warmers which can be obtained very easily from eBay at a reasonable cost, just search for “Carbon Fiber USB Heated Pads Gloves“.

The Victim Hanger is 3D printed (design files below). The victims can be assembled with aluminium foil tape and colour tape (for example: Blue Masking Tape 48mm or Pink Neon Duct Tape 48mm). The foil and masking tapes are available from Bunnings and the duct tape is available from Office Works.

The USB hand warmers have been tested and can generate heat signatures up to 60C.

The design files for the 3D Printed 9mm wall victim hanger (and 9mm wall joiners) are provided below:

Robcocup Maze Course Flat Pack 9mm

Please expect this new design to start showing up in competitions soon.

Thanks to David Musgrave for the design and Tim Ronchi for creating the 3D printer models.