2021 RCJA National Championships Virtual Event – Soccer Information


Submission Details 

Teams are required to submit the following by 9pm AEDT 5/10/2021 

  • Signed mentor declaration 
  • Signed participation forms for all team members 
  • Robot Program/Technical Award Video (as appropriate for your chosen Division)

Instructions for uploading files are available here.

Event Weekend Guidelines 

The Interview will occur via video conference over the event weekend. All teams are expected to be available to participate in an Interview.

Interview Guidelines 

  • The interview will be conducted via Microsoft Teams throughout the weekend with a Team mentor or parent present (if a mentor or parent is not present, the Microsoft Teams call will be immediately ceased) 
  • Teams should ensure that they bring all their robots, copies of all their programs, CAD models and electrical drawings in a format that can be easily viewed on their own computer.  
  • Teams should expect to screen share these files to the judges. 

Challenge Rules 

Soccer will operate under the rules linked for each Division below


1 – Technical Award Video

Technical Award Video is a competition that allows students to show off their soccer robots to the RCJA community in a video format. Allowing those teams that have worked over the year designing, developing, creating and coding their robots to work harmoniously together to get that ball into a goal. 

This division will be judged using the Technical Award Judging Rubric, available by clicking here.

2 – Simulated Soccer: Using SoccerSim (Blocks and JavaScript) and ev3sim

Simulated Soccer is a competition that brings RoboCup soccer into an online simulation platform. Hone your strategy and soccer skills by programming on-screen robots to detect and follow the ball.  
In Block/JS (https://tools.robocupjunior.org.au/soccersim), use Scratch-like programming or JavaScript to run your robots straight from the browser. 
In ev3sim (https://ev3sim.mhsrobotics.club/), port your EV3 Mindstorms Education or ev3dev code and compete in a simulated Python environment.

Games will be played prior to the event with preliminary rounds available to view during the Event weekend and the finals played live.

Block/JS SoccerSim will use the RoboCup Junior Australia Block/JS SoccerSim Rules 2021 available here.

ev3sim will use the RoboCup Junior Australia Soccer ev3sim Rules 2021 available here.

Operating Procedures as listed in the SoccerSim Submission Procedures document available here.

3 – Standardised Soccer

Standardised Soccer challenge will use the modified Tommobot robot design, with teams being able to select from 3 different wheel sizes and gearing ratios and running the EV3 Mindstorms or Classrooms. Gameplay will follow the regular Standard Soccer rules available here, and the Operation Procedures available here.

Robots must be built following both the Base Tommabot build instructions here and the Tommabot Modification Instructions here.

RCJA will run submitted programs on prebuilt robots, in the usual round robin then finals format to determine the winning team.


Registration is through our normal Event and Workshop Registration System, available from here.

Challenge Questions

If you have any questions relating to Soccer, please email [email protected].