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For general enquiries about RoboCup Junior NSW or Australia, please visit the Contact Us page. For enquiries about particular competitions or workshops, please contact the event coordinator directly.

NSW Committee

Chair: Karen Binns
Vice Chair: Jason Flood
Treasurer: Wilson Cheng
Secretary: Pam Grover
Rescue Line Coordinator: Karen Binns
Rescue Maze Coordinator: Cristina Koprinski, David Grant
On Stage Coordinator: Melissa Hall
Soccer Coordinators: Liam Dunphy, Kris Choy
Hunter Region Committee: Jason Flood

All Enquiries
Please email us at [email protected].

Event Enquiries
See contact information here for the relevant event

Workshop Enquiries:
See contact information here for the relevant workshop

Past Results

2022 and Onwards

From 2022, RCJA moved to a Cloud Hosted Scoring System. Head across to & follow the links to find results for 2022 and on.

2021 Virtual Championships

OnStage Winners

1st: Dare to be Robots, MLC
2nd: The Mad Scientist, MLC
3rd: AZL, Hamilton South Public School 

Highly Commended (Technical Build): Trinity Grammar School


Rescue Line Standard Build

1st: Robies, St George Christian School


Rescue Line Primary

1st: Team Relevebot, Independent 

2nd: IFinmate, Independent 

3rd: Team Watermelone, Meriden School


Rescue Line Secondary

1st: Tech Bros, St George Christian School

2nd: EMBA, St George Christian School


Soccer Simulation Block Coding

1st place: Baymax Warriors, Independent


Soccer Technical

1st: Yellow, Melrose Park Public School

2nd: Blue, Melrose Park Public School

3rd: Green, Melrose Park Public School


Creativity and Innovation Award

Tech Bros, St George Christian School

2020 Virtual Championships

ArtBot Challenge Winners

Lower (Stage 1 & 2)

1st: St Annes Team 4, St Annes Catholic Primary School

2nd: Super Pencil, St Mark’s Drummoyne


Mid (Stages 3 & 4)

1st: Team Picasso, Melrose Park Public School

Tied 2nd: The Artists, Gresford Public School

Tied 2nd: Da Christmas Group, MLC Sydney


Upper (Stages 5 & 6)

1st: HCC IST GOLD, Holy Cross College Ryde

2nd: Fruity Totoro, LaSalle Catholic College



Helper Robot Challenge Winners

Lower (Stages 1 & 2)

1st: The Helper Robot, St George Christian School


Mid (Stages 3 & 4)

1st: Rob, the Digital Scarecrow, St George Christian School


Maze Challenge Winners

Lower: Maze Obstacle (Stages 1 & 2)

1st: The Devil, Gresford Public School


Mid: Maze Obstacle (Stages 3 & 4)

1st: Charm Bots, St Therese’s Catholic Primary School

2nd: Girl Bots, St Therese’s Catholic Primary School


Maze Challenge Senior Mid (Stages 3 & 4)

1st: James Cook Boys Technology High School


OnStage Challenge Winners

OnStage Novice

1st: Mullion Creek Theme Park, Mullion Creek Public School

2nd: The Underwater Girls, Mullion Creek Public School

3rd: KAFA, Hamilton South Public School


OnStage Experienced

1st: The Fun Folk, Mullion Creek Public School

2nd: The Take Offs, Mullion Creek Public School

3rd: Creative Robo Bunch, All Saints Catholic College


Rescue Sprint Challenge Winners


1st: Terminator, Kelly Ridge Public School

2nd: The Fallen Crows, All Saints Catholic Primary School

3rd: Bob, Kelly Ridge Public School



1st: HCC Follow Me, Holy Cross, Ryde


Soccer Simulation Challenge Winners

Blocks Division

1st: Rocket League, Rooty Hill High School


JavaScript Division

1st: NP Comp-l-ete, Fort Street High School


SPIKE Challenge Winners


1st: Frizzie, Independent

2nd: AMA, Meriden School

3rd: The Brick Builders, St George Christian School


Innovation Awards

Creativity and Innovation Award

Fun Folk, Mullion Creek

For robot interactivity and the use of a Rube Goldberg Machine in their OnStage Performance.

2019 State Championships

NSW OnStage Experienced:
1st: Waltzing Disney – All Saints Primary Liverpool
2nd: Group in 1st Place – All Saints College Liverpool
3rd: Fryerfries – All Saints College Liverpool

NSW OnStage Novice:
1st: Lightning Bots – Hamilton South
2nd: Money Makers – Vacy Public School
3rd: MLC – MLC Sydney

Standard League Soccer:
1st: The Green Team – Covenant Christian School
2nd: The Winnerz – Vacy Public School
3rd: JOLAN – Edmund Rice College Wollongong

Lightweight Soccer:
1st: Delta Squad – Northern Beaches Christian School
2nd: The Donkinators – Northern Beaches Christian School
3rd: BnB – Northern Beaches Christian School

Open Soccer:
1st: Inevitable – Merewether High School
2nd: Jelly – Camden Haven High School
3rd: Ambosch – Camden Haven High School

2018 State Championships

Rescue Maze:
1st – Jocular Moose – Merewether High
2nd – In it for the wifi – Merewether High

Rescue Line Primary:
1st – Rotbot – St. Aloysius’ College
2nd – [insert team name here] – ERC Robotic Lab
3rd – Team Solo – ERC Robotic Lab

Rescue Line Secondary:
1st – Tankbot – St Aloysius College
2nd – Astro Crew – St Philip’s Christian College – Port Stephens
3rd –  The Simple Jacks – St Philips Christian College

Rescue Line Open:
1st – WeCANdoit – St George Christian School
2nd – Mars Rover – Fort Street High School
3rd – Merlin – Northern Beaches Christian School

Rescue Innovation Awards:
Black’n Yellow – Sydney Boys High School
Mars Rover – Fort Street High School
PATANEtial – Fort Street High

Simple Simon Soccer:
#1 MCNL – Melrose Park Public School
#2 All Starz – Vacy Public School
#3 OK Kieran – Melrose Park Public School

Standard League Soccer:
Winner: BnB – Northern Beaches Christian School
Runner-up: Alitan – Camden Haven HS
#3: C-3PO – Northern Beaches Christian School

Lightweight Soccer:
Winner: BnB – Northern Beaches Christian School
Runner-up: Invertigo – Merewether High
#3: Megatrons – New Lambton South Public School

Open Soccer:
Winner: M108 – The Scots College
Runner-up: Name taken – Camden Haven HS
#3 Shots fired – Camden Haven HS

 OnStage Novice Day 1
1st: ‘Olympians’ – Hamilton South
2nd: ‘Lightning Bots’ – Hamilton South
3rd: ‘The Explorers’ – Mullion Creek Public School

OnStage Novice Day 2
1st: ‘King Kong’ – Cranbrook School
2nd: MLC 5’s’ – MLC School Burwood
3rd: ‘Ozbots’ – Elermore Vale

OnStage Novice winners (on overall points)
1st: ‘Olympians’ – Hamilton South
2nd: ‘Lightning Bots’ – Hamilton South
3rd: ‘The Explorers’ – Mullion Creek Public School

OnStage Experienced 
1st: ‘The 3 Muppeters’ Merewether High
2nd: ‘Robo Circus’ Mullion Creek Public School
3rd: ‘All Stars’ – Merewether High

NSW 2021 Key Dates

28th May 2021: SPIKE Prime Competition: Registrations close16th June 2021: SPIKE Prime Competition: Submissions due24th June 2021: SPIKE Prime Competition: Virtual presentation, Zoom 23rd, 24th August 2021: NSW State Competition...

2021 NSW SPIKE Prime Competition

View our competition micro-site for all the details! We’re kicking off the 2021 season with a virtual SPIKE Prime Competition, open to all NSW primary and secondary school students....
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