Hints and Tips for Rescue Line

Lego Mindstorms robot

Robot Build

You can find some good generic robot designs on the Getting Started – General Resources page, but there are some specific considerations for a good Rescue robot.

  • Optimal Height of Lego Light Sensors
    Set your light sensors so that the red light is between 10 mm and 12 mm in diameter. This equates to the light sensor being around 5-7 mm off the surface of the Rescue tile (roughly the width of a Lego Technic beam).
  • Centre of Gravity
    Make sure your robots centre of gravity is over your drive wheels when climbing up and down slopes
  • Floating Light Sensors
    Create a mechanism that allows your line following sensors to float independently of the robot chassis. This will allow your sensors to maintain the same height over the undulations of the course.
  • White and Silver give the same readings on your light sensor
    Place one or two layers of sticky tape over the light sensor to diffuse the light
A presentation illustrating of some of these ideas and more

On the Course

  • Starting your Robot
    Ensure your robot is behind the divide of the tile you are about to navigate. If you drop your robot on, over or in front of the line you will be asked to re-start and may incur a re-start penalty.
    You can start your robot at either the City Limits OR your nominated Drop Zone. 
    Note: You can start in either direction at the Drop Zone. Your nominated Drop Zone must be at least 2 tiles back from the Chemical Spill.
  • Spill Exit bonus points
    To gain Spill Exit points, your robot must regain and show that it is following the line, exiting via the Chemical Spill silver indicator.
  • Chemical Spill
    The Victim must be rescued in an upright position by the robot. If the victim falls off the Spill tile due to it being elevated an imaginary team of rescuers will be there to catch it for you.
  • New 300 x 300 Tiles
    The new tiles will increase the angle your robot needs to climb. Make sure it can scale the new slope.
    A line on a tile that is too close to the edge specified in the rules can have a ‘wing tile’ placed so that robots can navigate the tile.
    A line on a tile that is within the distance to the edge rule may NOT have a wing tile.
  • Physical Challenge Tiles
    The See-Saw, Speed Humps, Hills and any other physical challenge tiles can be introduced in National competitions. They will be tested prior to ensure they are achievable challenges.