OnStage Getting Started: Tips & Tricks


What is OnStage?

OnStage is the culmination of creativity, design and integration of technologies to create a robotic performance that is entertaining for students and audiences alike

Your Challenge:

To create a 1-2 minute performance showcasing costumed or themed robots to a piece of music

Choosing a Theme


Dance is dictated by the music choice because the robots dance in time with the chosen piece.

Many teams choose to create their own choreographed dance to perform, in conjunction with their robots’ dance


A theatre performance works around a chosen theme. The robots interact together to portray an idea or concept through characters, music and plot

Previous themes have included performances from scenes in films, TV shows or popular culture.

2019 OnStage Experienced National Champions at RCJ Internationals 2019 in Sydney
Jungle Theme – RCJQ OnStage 2019


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