Team Australia – Bordeaux 2023


This year 5 teams from 3 schools, including an independant team, will represent Australia at the 2023 RoboCup international competition in Bordeaux, France.

After months of preparation, the teams are in their final stages of travelling to the competition, which begins on July 4th and continues until July 10th.

RoboCup Junior

In RoboCup Junior, we have 4 teams representing Australian across 3 of the competition challenges.

From Brisbane Boys College, Alpha Tron will be competing in Lightweight Soccer and Epsilon 6 will be competing in Open Soccer.

From Sacred Heart College, Bot Ugl-E will be representing Australia in the Rescue Maze Competition.

Finally, our independant team CatBot NEO from Victoria will be representing us in the Line Rescue Challenge.

RoboCup Major

This year we also have a team representing Australia in RoboCup Major Rescue, competing against high schools and universities from around the world. From St. Francis Xavier College, the Semi-Autonomous Rescue Team (SART) will be representing Australia in the Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge (RMRL).

We wish all of our Team Australia teams good luck, and can’t wait to update you on their progress!