Where are they now? – RCJA’s Alumni Network


The RoboCup Junior Queensland (RCJQ) committee is collecting interviews of past RoboCup Junior competitors, from all over Australia. We wish to display these interviews at our annual competitions, at State and National Level. The intention of these interviews is to showcase to our students and their parents where previous competitors of the RoboCup Junior competition are now.

We want to hear from you, whether you are now a doctor, teacher, scientist, student, engineer or a programmer. We believe RoboCup gives students many great skills and experiences, so we want to hear about your time competing and what you are doing now.  We hope your stories can inspire competitors and give them an idea as to where RoboCup can lead them.

Please complete this survey: https://forms.gle/RWBiF9hG4DJJyRmb8 and we would love you to share this form to your old team members, friends and other colleagues to see how far RoboCup has spread since the first competition in 2000!