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New Open Maze Victim Design

To coincide with the release of the Flat Pack Tiles Maze Course which uses 3mm walls and has a new Victim design, we are also releasing the same victim design...

Flat Pack Tiles Maze Course

The Robocup Junior Australia Rescue Maze Technical Committee have been working on an alternative design for creating Maze courses (for both Open Maze and Mighty Maisy Maze). This design has...

Mighty Maisy Maze National Launch Workshop – Recording and Slides

The recording and slides from the Mighty Maisy Maze National Launch Workshop. These include an outline of the competition, how to get started in the division, robot design and robot...
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Rescue Maze Rules & TDP – 2023

The Official RoboCup Junior Australia Rescue Maze Rules and Technical Description Paper template for 2023.

Mighty Maisy Maze Introduction

Authored by Rescue Maze National Coordinator David Musgrave, this introduction covers the new simplified Rescue Maze division, Mighty Maisy Maze.

Mighty Maisy Maze Quick Reference

Authored by Rescue Maze Coordinators Tim Ronchi and David Musgrave, this Quick Reference document covers the new simplified Rescue Maze division, Mighty Maisy Maze.

Getting started with Rescue Line

In this post you will find a collection of tutorial and workshop resources that have been gathered over the years. They cover a range of topics from those aimed at...

Hints and Tips for Rescue Line

You can find some good generic robot designs on the Getting Started - General Resources page, but there are some specific considerations for a good Rescue robot.

Riley Rover Rescue Line Handbook

A beginner’s guide to getting started with the RoboCup Junior Rescue Line competition This presentation will take you through all the basics of getting set up for Riley Rover Rescue...

RCJSA OnStage Theme for this year

It has been decided that this year in South Australia, OnStage will have a theme for all divisions. The theme for this year’s competition will be around ‘the ’90’s’. This...

Season Launch 2024

Did you miss our 2024 Season Launch? Checkout the recording and presentation below, and feel free to get in touch with you local RoboCup Junior Committee Members via our Contact...

2023 Rescue Line Challenge Tiles

As we approach the National Championships in October, we are unveiling the selection of Challenge Tiles for 2023. Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick refresher for those...

Building and Programming Omnidrive Soccer Robots with Spike Prime

Omnidrive robots use four motors, to allow the robot to respond in any direction to the Soccer ball. This significantly decreases the time it takes for the robot to get...

Mighty Maisy Maze EV3 Example Robot Build Guide and Program

Step by step instructions for an example robot designed for Mighty Maisy Maze constructed exclusively from a LEGO Education EV3 kit. The instructions and example code are great for first...

Rescue Maze Course Cutting Guide

Materials and cut list as well as cutting layout for a full set of Rescue Maze tiles.

Mighty Maisy Maze Course Element Printouts

Printable course elements that make up the Mighty Maisy Maze Field. Instructions for putting together courses are on the first page of the document.

Custom Bot Workshop 2023

On the 1st of May 2023, RoboCup Junior Australia ran an online workshop on the use of Custom (Arduino + Raspberry Pi) Bots in robotics. The workshop featured many presenters...

MTA Beginners Cup – Even Bigger for 2023

Back again in 2023 at the Australian Open National Championships is the Modern Teaching Aids Beginners Cup. As Platinum National Sponsor of RCJA, Modern Teaching Aids is proud to support...
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