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Rescue Maze Victim Assembly Guide

Authored by Rescue Maze expert Neil Gray, this tutorial covers putting together the Victims for the Rescue Maze Challenge.

Getting started with Rescue Line

In this post you will find a collection of tutorial and workshop resources that have been gathered over the years. They cover a range of topics from those aimed at...

Hints and Tips for Rescue Line

You can find some good generic robot designs on the Getting Started - General Resources page, but there are some specific considerations for a good Rescue robot.

2022 National Spike Prime Competition

Congratulations to all the winners for the RoboCup Junior Spike Prime Competition. See the results here: Here is a recap of some of the submissions from across Australia:

Rescue Maze EV3 Micropython Tutorial

Authored by Rescue Maze expert Neil Gray, this tutorial covers putting together a Rescue Maze robot using the human readable programming language, micropython

Rescue Maze EV3 Classroom Tutorial

Authored by Rescue Maze expert Neil Gray, this tutorial covers putting together a Rescue Maze robot using the newer vertical block EV3 programming language.

EV3 Classic Simple Simon Soccer Tutorial

Click here to download the PDF tutorial.

MTA Beginners Cup – New for 2022

Brand new for 2022 National Event is the Modern Teaching Aids Beginners Cup. As Platinum National Sponsor of RCJA, Modern Teaching Aids is proud to support this initiviate to make...

RCJA SoccerSim tutorials

RCJA SoccerSim is a RoboCup Junior soccer simulator for all students! SoccerSim works right in the browser, has both block and text editors and works with multiple robots.We’ve recorded some tutorials for...
Spike Prime rescue robot

Implementing the new challenge tile format in Rescue Line

Several people have asked how the new Rescue Line challenge tile rule will be implemented. This post describes the process with a linked video to demonstrate its implementation.

RCJV EV3Sim Soccer Simulator Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended our Soccer Simulator Workshop. The Simulator used in this Workshop will be the platform supporting the Soccer Challenge at the RCJV 2021 Virtual Warmup....

RCJV ev3dev Workshop

A big thanks to guest presenter Jackson Goerner from Melbourne High School for leading our ev3dev workshop, and developing straightforward instructions and resources for getting started with ev3dev! Click here...

RCJV OnStage Workshop

Thank you to those who attended the OnStage Workshop last week. Please see links for resources, and recording below. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!...

RCJ Victoria Rescue workshop presentations

Presentations providing an overview of Rescue Line robot design and programming considerations. The presentations include code examples for the classic EV3 block based coding, as well as the equivalent code...

RCJV General Information Workshop 2021 – Recording & Presentation

Thank you to everybody who joined the RCJV General Information Workshop this year. We hope you found the Workshop useful and informative. Workshop Recording Workshop Presentation
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